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KODI Plugin
Fri 3 Mar 2017

After few months of testing, KODI Plugin is now available for all users. It will allow you to browse your torrents in cloud and stream video files directly (no need to download). KODI is most popular media center, streaming in KODI is much more smooth than in VLC. We hope you will enjoy this little addition :)

Attention: Problem with JDownloader
Mon 16 Jan 2017

Please note, that there is problem with one of latest updates in JDownloader, which is causing program to completely ignore XL premium account despite advertising its enabled.

Please do not report us this problem, we know about it and are gathering information.

For the time being, please use other methods for downloading (using premium zone, browser extensions or software XL Admin)

Thank you for understanding

Wish you happy new year 2017
Wed 4 Jan 2017

We would like to wish you all the best into year 2017 !

This is already our 10th year online. For the new year, we made few neat improvements, which many of you already noticed. Affecting all accounts from level 3 up (almost all, but very new members) - For each 1 level you get 1 extra download slot (minimum=4). That means:
  • Level3: 5 paralell downloads
  • Level 4: 6 paralell downloads
  • ...
  • Level 10: 12 paralell downloads
Please don't forget, that amount of paralell downloads doesn't pose any serious restriction even for new members due to our effective queuing system, where you can easily put many torrents and they all will get downloaded eventually.

We also fixed and improved lot of things in smart queue management(fast torrents download first, slow ones last).

Please note that you have last 2 days remaining to get generous bonus for each time package (Christmas & new year promotion).

New premium zone
Thu 22 Sep 2016

Like many of you already experienced, new premium zone is now available for a few days.

In a shortcut, what are the main improvements ?
  • Responsive design, which works same well in PC, mobile phones or tablets.
  • New premium home page with direct access to most popular functions - you will click even less.
  • List of growing number of supported websites in Cylon is shown in more user friendly form.
  • You can now delete multiple torrents by 1 click
  • Torrents already downloaded from cloud to your network are now marked with green OK icon.
  • In file manager, you can now also easily start playback of audio-files - same way as with movie files.
We still work on more improvements, which will be available soon !

Despite numerous problems, which providing our services means(crippled payments, neverending war with filehosters), we are not giving up and are moving forward. We are proud to say, that at the moment our services are likely better than ever ! You can only understand once you try for yourself. Specially recomended are search tools, which will help you find even most obscure content.

Firefox addon fixed
Sat 10 Sep 2016

After long time of struggles with 3rd party company and Mozilla signature procedure,we managed finally to get firefox addon signature, which means you can install it and use in any firefox.

Its available to install from premium zone:

Addon development moved now from 3rd party back to us, which means we will be able to fix problems and add improvements much faster. Soon we plan to add addon support for Cylon and Torrents.

On the top of this, you can expect another good news in just couple of days !

Recent Downtime - Info
Fri 20 May 2016

Dear users, as you could notice, we have been struggling with performance latest days and there was long downtime since yesterday. We succesfully fixed existing problems today at 16:00 CET.

All time premium accounts will be extended for additional 3 days very soon.

Since we had to completely reinstall main server, you still may encounter problems using the service or our website. If you notice anything, don't hesitate and contact support(at) Succesful reports will be awarded few days premium membership as a thanks for collaboration !

Also, some upgrades have been done:
  • Much faster browsing in cylon browser
  • Faster API - Will influence your experience when using premium zone or 3rd party programs with our service
  • Faster and improved search(

Uploaded & Rapidgator situation
Wed 27 Jan 2016

Dear customers, as many of you noticed, uploaded didnt work as well as expected, also daily limit was lowered temporarily. This was due to many of our accounts being locked.Now situation seem to be getting stabilized, daily limit was increased again and we hope for further increases

RAPIDGATORNew security features on rapidgator aimed against multihosters caused some troubles with this hosting also. Problems are resolved for now and we also expect to raise daily limit soon.

Please report us any problems you might experience, it helps us to fix them sooner !

Great Christmas offers: get up to 60 days free
Wed 16 Dec 2015

Dear Customers,

From today until 3. January 2016, you will get extra days / data with every purchased premium account or extension.

  • 1 year: + 60 days free of charge
  • 180 days: + 30 days free of charge
  • 90 days: + 15 days free of charge
  • 30 days: + 7 days free of charge
  • Traffic accounts: + 12.5 % of purchased traffic free of charge.

Torrents & Cylon available for all accounts
Wed 21 Oct 2015

Form today, Torrents and cylon are fully available for all accounts, including data accounts.

When downloading torrents to our cloud, only 33% of downloaded data is decreased, which makes it cheaper to use torrents.

Finding torrents on some popular private trackers will also guarantee you very fast download speeds and is very good (if not better) alternative to filehostings !

Credit card payment
Mon 5 Oct 2015

Dear customers,

you can now pay for premium account also by credit card.

This payment method is done through our reseller. If you experience any difficulties, please contact us ASAP.

Cylon improvements
Wed 19 Aug 2015

After today upgrades, you can expect browsing speed of unrestricted websites in cylon to increase drastically - Some bugs have been fixed and images are now cashed in browser, which makes repetitive requests to same website much faster, making experience very close to loading websites directly.

Few very good websites have been unrestricted lately, namely famous hungarian tracker, or huge polish tracker

Torrent partial downtime [resolved]
Thu 14 May 2015

Between 13 - 14 May, 2015, torrent downloader stopped working correctly, which resulted in newly added torrents failing to download. The issue was resolved in lunch time 14 May (GMT).

You have to remove all torrents added during downtime, which are not downloading and add them again!

The problem affected all torrents, added manually or through cylon.

Meanwhile, we are working hard on improvements in Torrents & Cylon, many things are upcoming (responsive website suitable for mobiles, downloading oversized torrents without packing them and by keeping folder structure etc). The MAX torrent size increased recently to 80 GB per torrent !

Credit cards not available
Tue 3 Feb 2015

Dear customers,

We are sorry to inform you credit card payment are not available once again. We look into what we can do right now and will inform you about progress. Customers from Europe: You can still use instant wire transfer(if available for your country) or SEPA payment.
Overseas customers: We are sorry, we can not facilitate any other payment than BitCoin right now. If you are our long term customer and want to renew your account for longer period (and you cannot use BTC), please contact us.

Thank you for understanding !

Attention: SEPA bank account changed
Wed 15 Oct 2014

Dear customers, please note, that SEPA bank account was changed and old account will no longer be active! If SEPA is your preferred payment method, please modify possible saved bank details which you have used before.

Additionaly, instant wire transfers provided by Trustpay were disabled. These will be reenabled soon.

Credit card payment stay unchanged.

Youtube removed temporarily
Tue 26 Aug 2014

We have removed youtube support temporarily because of technical issues and problems it was causing with certain settings of Firefox/Chrome extensions - Inability to view videos on youtube directly.

Downloading from youtube will be reenabled in september, when the current issues are fixed and there is solution to avoid problems viewing youtube videos directly in browser.

Credit card interuption(UPDATE)
Tue 1 Jul 2014

Dear customers, we are sorry, but payments by credit card are temporarily disabled.

(UPDATE) Credit card payment has been enabled again on 7.8.2014

Torrent Downloader in testing operation
Thu 13 Feb 2014

Dear customers: Today we enabled new service - Torrent Downloader.

At the moment, Torrent Downloader is in testing operation and usage is only allowed for customers, who use our services for longer than 180 days.

In case you fit into this criteria, but Torrent Downloader is not activated automatically (in case you changed acccount ID few times), please contact us and we will activate this feature for you.

Torrent Downloader can be accessed through menu in premium zone on

Requests for service activation or your comments about this service are welcome on our support email.

Improved premium zone
Fri 31 Jan 2014

Major improvements were done in 'Download files to PC' section. These improvements include:
  • Import links from any URL address - All supported links will be parsed from given website, verified and possible to download directly or import into any download manager.
  • Categorization by filehosting Links are shown in such way, that its possible to show links from one filehosting exclusively.
  • Save links for later use If you don't want to download links at the moment, save them easily and access them later - sometimes really practical ! It will also save URL address, from which links were imported /if available/
  • Verifying links consecutively - This affects experience especially, if you insert big amount of links or url you give contains large number of supported links. All links are shown and available for download immediately, and verified then one by one. Before, you had to wait until all links are verified and in case of large amount of links, their verification failed.
You can retrieve and use saved links in DLNA / TV section.

If you experience any problems or want to suggest us some improvenet, don't hesitate to contact our support.

All services fully active
Sat 11 Jan 2014

All services were restored on yesterday evening (CET) and are fully active now.

All orders received during downtime were processed.

Within today, all customers with time accounts will receive 2 days premium extension as compensation for the experienced downtime.

[Resolved] Info about new orders
Fri 10 Jan 2014

We have received and are still receiving new orders and payments even during current technical issues. Please note, that we are not able to create or extend premium accounts. All paid orders during this period will be processed correctly after issues are resolved.

You may receive email with payment confirmation and invalid login details from our automatic service - Please ignore these emails, we have all incorrectly processed orders recorded and will fix them promptly after downtime is over.

We are deeply sorry for this inconvenience.

[Resolved] Services down due to HDD failure
Fri 10 Jan 2014

Dear Customers, all our services are down at the moment due to problems with dying disk on main server, where we store all critical data.

We are currently going through process of rescuing all important data and preparing server for the new start.

Downtime should last up to 24 hours (optimistic) or up to 5 days, if something goes wrong. Please stay tuned, we will update you regarding this matter. Please, do not write support tickets regarding this issue as we know about it and working on it.

Best wishes for new year 2014
Thu 2 Jan 2014

Dear customers, we would like to wish you all Happy New Year and thank you for your loyalty during year 2013.

We are commited to continue improving our service even in 2014. Few exciting services to be presented and we will continue making our website more informative and easy to use.

Today, we have improved 'What is XL' section, which is now allways up to date. You can now always check the current supported hosters or limits there.

Plugin for Synology NAS now available
Thu 5 Dec 2013

We have just added plugin for Synology NAS, which will make downloading files to your NAS really simple and convenient.

Please login to premium zone to download the plugin and read instalation manual.

DDoS attack
Tue 26 Nov 2013

Dear customers, one of our servers has recently been attacked by huge DDoS. Attack started on sunday and unfortunately situation was not resolved until this moment. This is causing lower reliability or failure to serve downloads on some of supported hosters.

Most popular filehosters are not affected. If the situation will continue, we will be relocating affected services to other servers.

Resolution of these issues is expected within several hours, in worst can within few days. We are deeply sorry for any inconveniences, which might have occured.

Tue 22 Oct 2013

According to user requests, we have added these 2 filehosters:
  • (including and

Share-Online reenabled
Wed 28 Aug 2013

Dear Customers, we have reenabled, which was not supported for some time. For the testing period, we have limited its use up to 10 GB / day. After 10-20 days, we hope to raise the daily limit or remove it completely.

Please dont hesitate to inform us about any issues, you might experience when downloading from

IMPORTANT! Email delivery problems
Tue 14 May 2013

Dear customers, we were experiencing email delivery problems last few days with many cases, when customers didnt get their email with login details.

If you don't receive your login data within few minutes after payment, please contact us immediately, don't wait Our system is automatic and orders are processed instantly after payment.

We are working on improving our system not to be reliant on email delivery. Please always use valid mobile phone number in international format if you have one, Login details will be delivered to your phone.

New credit card gateway
Thu 11 Apr 2013

In order to simplify payment process, today, we have enabled new gateway for credit card payments, which is much easier to use than iKoruna.

No need for additional registrations, you can simply just fill up card details and pay.

Soon we will be able to accept also payments by PaySafeCard !

JDownloader 2 - Official support
Wed 10 Apr 2013

XL accounts are now fully supported in JDownloader 2. It means, you no longer need to update program to newest nightly build. You simply insert your login details and start downloading !!

JDownloader 2 has another major advantage: It allows you to download using XL account in multiple chunks. This can substantially increase your download speed, if you are downloading from slow filehoster or your location is far from Europe.

JDownloader 2 (Beta) Download page

SMS delivery of login details
Sat 23 Mar 2013

Dear customers, after some time of SMS delivery not working, we fixed the problem and reenabled this option free of charge.

We strongly suggest to all owners of GMail mail-address to use also phone number in international format, because GMail tends to move our messages with login details into SPAM.

International phone number starts with '+' and country code.
US/Canada: +1 xxxxxxxxx
UK: +44 xxxxxxxxxx
Germany: +49 xxxxxxxxxx
Other countries:

Credit card payments available again
Tue 4 Dec 2012

Please note that following news is no longer valid and we do accept credit cards again.

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we had to disable credit card payments for the moment. We already signed contract with new provider and waiting for implementation details. Credit card payments should be again available within following several days.

We are sorry for inconvenience. For customers from EU, you can use international wire transfer. After latest regulation changes within EU, your transfers within EU will be processed fast and without additional charges. Usual time to deliver wire transfer is 2-3 days, if your account is in EU bank.

Rapidshare new limits - RIP
Tue 27 Nov 2012

Rapidshare today applied before anounced limits on uploader sides, which effectively make sharing popular content impossible. No premium account will help you to download from rapidshare without limits as until today.

We kindly ask our customers not to report us problems with rapidshare downloads and use alternative links instead.

From today, we consider rapidshare DEAD on filehosting scene

New hosters & improvements
Fri 26 Oct 2012

Since last report, 8 hosters have been added (or readded):
  • (readded)
Extmatrix, Share-Online and others were fixed or made more stable. New servers were added to infrastructure to support growing number of users. Daily limit for was deducted temporarily to 3GB due to lack of premium accounts ( deducted daily limit to only 30 GB/ day).

DDoS attack on GoDaddy, milions of websites down
Mon 10 Sep 2012

GoDaddy experienced DDoS today which caused milions of websites to go instantly down.

Unfortunately this outage covers also some of our servers due to DNS failures. Some downloads might fail due to this outage. The problems started around 20:00 CET, still remain. We are sorry about this issue

4 new hosters
Mon 10 Sep 2012

4 new hosters have been added:
Daily limit for was raised to 20 GB after resolving technical issues.

Turbobit fixed, new servers added
Thu 6 Sep 2012

Turbobit was fixed and is working stable.

New hosters:, were added into support.

Case Turbobit & RapidGator
Tue 28 Aug 2012

Support for RapidGator was today completely abandoned after they banned all our accounts and IP addresses. Even though, there are another 48 servers still supported, new coming in september. RapidGator was long time pain to work with and even when working, it was favourite server of fake links, so many times users ended up downloading something different from advertised. is still remaining off due to holiday season, fix is planned for first september week.

New services -,,...
Mon 23 Jul 2012

Today we added new filehosters into support:
Also support for 2 most popular linkbanks was added:
These are supported in both JDownloader and browser extensions.

Paypal temporarily disabled
Fri 6 Jul 2012

Our paypal account got limited and we are no more able to receive payments. This payment option has been temporarily disabled.

We are now working hard on bringing more payment methods for you to simplify checkout process. Please stay tuned ! finished operation
Wed 4 Jul 2012, which was growing in popularity latest weeks and months finished the operation, according to available information. It was removed from the list of supported hosters. was reenabled after downtime of about 10 days. The reason was block of their paypal account and impossibility to aquire premium membership official way. was added into support.

Downtime (Resolved)
Sat 16 Jun 2012

Dear customers.

We are sorry for downtime, which lasted since yesterday afternoon until today 9:00 am, when problem was fixed.

All premium accounts were compensated by adding 36 extra hours to their premium membership.

Added new servers + Bug fixes
Fri 25 May 2012

Following hosters have been added recently:
The stability of some hosters was improved (Turbobit,

Please note our service supports all major filehosters! Some of these may not appear in the list due to trademark copyrights.

Completely 40 working filehosters in our system. Still the best download speeds among all multihosters !

Thu 12 Apr 2012

Up to the requests of multiple customers, we have added following 2 servers:

new hosters - shareflare, jumbofiles
Mon 26 Mar 2012

Today, new hosters were added, number of supported hosters is 33 now.
Please note, that unlike with many competitors, you get:
  • WORKING with XL premium account.
  • Premium download speeds: Its not rare, that some of our users are downloading at speeds of 100Mbit/s or more.
  • We do not include free services in list just to raise the number: mediafire, hulkshare or youtube. You don't need any premium account to download from these hosters, so we do not list them.
  • We do answer all support tickets and do that very fast !

Improvements on rs / netload
Tue 21 Feb 2012

Today, some improvements were made into modules RS and

Also Backup servers for these hosters were added to ensure extra low chance of download failure.

If you have any issues when downloading files, we will welcome your reports. If you reveal any new bug which will be consequently fixed, we will reward you by few days free premium membership !

Added new hosters
Fri 17 Feb 2012

New hosters were added today:
Completely now you can download from 29 hosters. If you need any new filehosters, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to add even more new services. has now daily limit 10GB / day for each XL account (same as you get with premium account).

Attention: Service temporarily down
Sat 11 Feb 2012

During last night, 11-12 of february, our services experienced unexpected interruption. We are doing our best to restore services as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Added paypal payment
Tue 7 Feb 2012

Due to many customers requests, we have added Paypal payments recently, making the purchase on our website really easy and accessible.

Whats more, we cancelled all payment type extra fees. Now you can pay any possible way, price will always stay same. Payment fees will be from now on covered by us !

Fri 3 Feb 2012

XL account now supports the following servers:,, Completely there are 25 available servers, as you can check in filehosting monitor.

We also were forced to limit by 3 gigabytes / 24 hours per user. This server after the collapse of large filehosters has grown significantly and since the server traffic is expensive, it would be a loss for us tocontinue to allow unlimited downloads.

For users who need to download from the server more data is available Premium traffic service, where you can subscribe to data and then freely download even after daily limit was exhausted. The purpose is to limit the costs arising from the operation of expensive servers, such as uploaded.

Added new hosters
Thu 26 Jan 2012

Dear customers. We have added new supported filehosters previous days: Most recently it have been,,

Curently you can download from 22 hosters. Our downloading service is true unlimited, even for hosters, which are limited elsewhere !

Due to many requests, we are going to add paypal payment option soon for your convenience

Enjoy !

XL accounts now available worldwide !
Fri 9 Dec 2011

We are happy to announce, that after few month of selling within few european countries, we are ready to open for worldwide customers.

XL accounts are unique service, which will allow you to download in high speed from many filehosters, fetch files to our server or stream any video content in HD, even on 2Mbit lines ! XL account will allow you to stream avi files, mkv files and all other popular video formats in just 1 click.

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