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What are XL accounts and what do they do ?

XL account is unique service, which will allow you download in highspeed from tens of filehosters, download torrents safely and access many popular private trackers. Time accounts don't have traffic limits, except of hoster listed on the bottom *1. You can use XL account conveniently in JDownloader or start downloads by 1 click from browser using Firefox / Chrome extensions.


XL account features

Download from filehosters - Downloading is unlimited by default, daily limit for some hosters may be in place - details are displayed in table below.
Download torrents safely - Download torrents quickly without revealing your IP (same effect as when you use VPN). Once they are in your cloud, you can stream them or download into your PC. (time accounts: unlimited, data-accounts: 33% of torrent size is deducted) Download from private trackers - Cylon service will let you unrestrict many popular private torrent tracker websites, search for content and download torrents by 1 click. Speeds will be insanely fast. You won't need to be registered, have invitation, maintain ratio, just download. You will find content in seconds and forget about dead links problem. Absolutely unique service, invented by us, you won't find alternative ! Now available for all accounts, including data packages. More about Cylon
JDownloader support - Just paste your links to JDownloader, which will do the job, same way as with traditional premium account.
Extensions for Firefox and Chrome - These will allow you to use XL account easily with download manager of your choice or directly from browser.
Saves your money - One fee and you get access to more than 25 hosters. Nowadays, popularity of filehoster can change from day to day and with traditional account, you wake up one day, and find out there is nobody uploading to your host anymore. (similar as happened on hotfile and megaupload and others) and your account is almost impossible to use. This wont happen to you with XL account - new growing hosters are added even during your subscription !
Safe downloading - Your IP address is not visible when you download.
Instant streaming of video files - If you have link for any video file (avi, mkv, mp4, rmvb, wmv), You don't have to download it, but simply play it instantly. Almost no traditional premium account won't offer you this feature. It will save you lots of time, especially if your connection is not that fast.
Fetching files to server - Fetching files to server is extreme fast, some filehosters will allow up to 200-500 MBit/s. Downloaded rar archives can be extracted on server and packed content streamed. For smooth playback of video, often just 2MBit line is sufficient !
Download Resume & Multichunk - You can resume broken downloads and download in multichunk - If you have good downloader, you will be able to download fast even from slow filehosters (unibytes, filevelocity and similar). Multichunk download is possible when using IDM, FDM, Flashget or similar programs (currently not in JDownloader, this will be enabled soon also). For setting up IDM or other software, please read manual for FF & Chrome.


 *1 Downloading is unlimited except of following:
** -Can download only with traffic account or extra traffic addons to time account. Multiplicator 1x a 3x represents, how many times downloaded data will be deducted. Due to high price on some hosters, its sometimes necesary to deduce 2x or 3x more data than downloaded.

Refund policy - You can ask for refund during first 3 days of usage. Please verify, which hosters are supported, because unavailability of non-supported hoster may not be used as pretext for asking refund. Same way, if hoster is non-functional already in time you buy account, the refund request will be denied. Reason of your dissatisfaction is required, when asking for refund. Who is eligible for refund: Customer, who seriously gives it a try - who tryes to resolve possible issues at first with support and has good attitude, but things just not working out or speeds are extremely slow due to distant location which makes it impossible to use the service. We will not refund anybody, who buys account, then gives us unpolite notice similar to "only reason to buy was to download from XY hoster, which is not supported, i want money back".
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